Student networks events

HSK student networks, events and online forum

Our HSK student networks are vibrant communities designed to bring together students from various backgrounds who share common interests and experiences. 

Select to join a network and we’ll add you to a group in Canvas, attend an event to meet members and participate in the online forum to get advice. 

For any inquiries, please email Shipa Begum (

JOin a network

Current networks for 2023 to 2024:

  • HSK Overseas Students
  • HSK Student-Parent and Carers Network
  • Returning to Study Network – Suitable for students returning to education regardless of when they last studied

Once you’ve completed the form by selecting one or more of the networks, we’ll add you to the channel in MS Teams, which has its own discussions thread and resources tabs.

Benefits of attending HSK community events

Attend an event

Once you’ve joined a network, you’ll receive invitations to its community events. These events will either be in-person (on campus) or online. You’ll have the opportunity to socialise, develop your academic skills and increase your subject knowledge and employability.


To be able to access the Zoom meeting, you must first login to your UH Zoom account:

  • If using the Zoom website, go to the UH specific site –, select the ‘SSO‘ (single sign-on) option and sign in with your usual username ( and password.  
  • If using the Zoom app installed on your computer, look under the profile icon to check you’re using your UH account, if you aren’t, select ‘Switch account’. To sign in, select the ‘SSO‘ (single sign-on) option and use your usual username ( and password. Provide the company domain ‘herts-ac-uk‘ if prompted. 

Refer to the Zoom quick guide to get you started.

Events information

Select an event below to see it’s details and access links.

HSK StressLess Study Social Event

VIEW DETAILS (location and links)

Date and Time: Wednesday 6th March 2pm to 3.30pm

Venue: 1F382

Embark on a journey to stress-free studying at our HSK StressLess Study Event. This unique gathering promises an invaluable chance to mingle with fellow learners while discovering the secrets of effective study techniques, including harnessing the power of ICT tools for peak productivity. Light refreshments will be provided. 


Participate in your network forum (MS teams channel)

Download Teams onto your Windows or Mac computer/laptop

Go to Microsoft (MS) Teams will automatically detect the system you are using (Mac or Windows). Select to download, install and log in using your Herts account.


Download Teams onto your mobile device

Download the MS Teams app from the iOS app store or Google Play store for Android. Log in using your Herts and select Sign in. Choose ‘work or school’ account type. Log in using your Herts a and password.

Locate your channel and participate

 In MS Teams, select the Teams icon and find the HSK Networks for Students team. You’ll find channels for the different networks under the General discussion thread.